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There's this women at work i want to fuck. She don't know it yet but im planning on talking to her soon. Hopefully i get a good reaction. I dream of what her pussy looks like nice clean and shaved. If she has hair down there i swear to god i'll get a shaver out and clean her up myself. I'll keep you posted.
Sat May 23 17:40:04 2020 · Like · Dislike · Reply
My wife doesn't know it but im secretly gay. I have a male friend at work and we try to hookup for sex atleast once or twice a month. If she ever finds out im sure our marriage will be over. Been married for 12 years now and feel guilty but can't help myself.
Mon May 18 15:57:01 2020 · Like · Dislike · Reply
I like licks pussy ass nipples sucks u boobs licks all body romance kissing mouth hug untill morning I can anything what u tell me I like give my partner feel wow I love it then I make sure she can't forget me after what we doing
Sat May 16 03:55:04 2020 · Like · Dislike · +1 · Reply
Tue May 12 05:58:31 2020 · Like · Dislike · +2 · Reply
Horny man here looking for a bottom anyone around here down for hooking up
Tue May 5 20:57:04 2020 · Like · Dislike · Reply
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